Caring For Your Skinny Pig

Skinny Pig Care

Skinny Pig Nail & Foot Care

I like to due a set of nail clippers for humans that you are comfortable with. Each Skinny Pig will react differently so you want to make sure you are OK with keeping your Skinny Pig feeling safe. I like to trim their nails once a week and remove the sharp tips. Skinny Pigs can scratch their skin very easily because they are hairless.

I also file down their back nails after clipping. This helps reduce sharp edges that can be left behind from the clipping and reduces scratches.  It is also important to apply foot ointment to the pads of their feet. Having a quality set of clippers means the world for your little best friend. The last thing you want to do is cause them harm or discomfort. These are the clippers I use for Penny!

Maintaining Healthy Skinny Pig Skin

Not all Hairless Guinea Pigs have the same type of skin. Skinny Pig skin can range from oily to normal and dry skin. Its not difficult to maintain a healthy appearance. For Skinny Pigs that suffer from slightly dry skin, product like Cold Pressed Coconut Oil can really help. I like to use this product, but only sparingly because Skinny Pigs have sensitive skin. It is important to always monitor the condition of your Skinnies Skin.  Never use products that are not specifically meant for guinea pigs. Chemicals, odors, and certain ingredients are going to cause more harm to our hairless friends than good.

If your Skinny Pig has oily skin building up on glands or their backs, use a soft cloth and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. The Coconut oil will melt from the Skinny Pigs own body heat which makes it easy to spread around. With a soft cloth wipe over the area and this will take off the oily skin build up and leave your Skinny smooth and happy. Oily back skin can be itchy for them, and it causes them to scratch the area, and doesn’t allow their skin to breath. Wiping the area clean has many benefits for your hairless pal!

Skinny Pig Bathing

You shouldn’t need to bathe hairless guinea pig. They do not have fur or hair that gets soaked with urine and dirt like can happen on haired guinea pigs. By nature, Guinea pigs are clean creatures, and watch themselves several times a day. The best thing to do for you Skinny Pig is to keep their cage and bedding nice and fresh and clean. This is especially important for their sleeping beds, and pads. Their skin is very sensitive to moisture.

To prevent from drying out, Skinny Pigs have to rely on their own natural oils

Bathing your hairless guinea pigs should be done seldom. Hairless guinea pigs do not have fur that can get soaked with urine or dirtied. Guinea pigs in general are clean creatures, washing themselves several times a day. Keeping a clean cage and changing beds, sleeping areas and pads daily will prevent any issues.

Hairless guinea pigs only have their own natural skin oils to protect their skin from drying out, when bathed, this is washed away. NEVER use any shampoo or soap that is for humans, the chemicals, fragrances and ingredients are drying and irritating. Human products are not safe for small animal ingestion. Guinea pigs clean themselves occasionally and can accidentally ingest harmful substances that are on their bodies. Always be sure the products are safe for your tiny pals!

Personally, I do not bathe Penny. Unless your Skinny Pig has been sleeping in urine soaked cloths, you shouldn’t have a need to bathe them. If you do decide to clean them, wiping them down with a warm cloth, and then applying a small amount of coconut oil will go a long way. This makes sure their skin is cleaned of urine, and the coconut oil will provide them with protection. Wipe their bodies with a small amount of coconut, but avoid their face and inside of their ear. The cloth will become dirty because you are cleaning off dead skin cells and any residue that was left on their body like urine or poop.

If you do need to give your Guinea Pig a bath, I would use something safe and gentle on them like the Super Pet Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo. After they are dry, remember to apply Cold Pressed Coconut Oil!

Guinea Pig Shampoo

Skinny Pig Shampoo



It is very important to make sure the temperature of the room your Skinny Pig is in is sufficient. They do not have hair or fur to keep them warm so you need to help them. In the cold months I like to keep the room Penny is in at 70F.  Penny has plenty of fleece blankets and cloths for her to nest in and sleeps on a heating pad. I do not like to use heat lamps as they can be too intense on the delicate skin. Instead a nice warming pad with fleece covering or something like this Cozy Guinea Pig Bed.

Skinny Pig Bed

Guinea Pig Bed