Best Skinny Pig Cage 2017

Best Skinny Pig Cage Review

You decided to adopt a Skinny Pig, or Hairless Guinea Pig. Now comes the fun part of building the home for your newest family member. There are many different types of Cages and houses for your guinea pig available, but finding the one that’s just right is not an easy task. I’m going to list what the 5 best Skinny Pig Cages that are currently available.

Skinny Pig Penny

Penny Pinkerton, the Skinny Pig

I went through this process many times before finally settling on a great cage for my Skinny Pig Penny! This is Penny Pinkerton. She is a small hairless guinea pig. She has two different colored front feet and red hair on her nose.  She also loves to let us know what she likes and doesn’t like, so she is the perfect reviewer of all things related to Skinny Pigs!

First and foremost you do not want to use a cage from the pet store. Skinny pigs are prey animals. They are agile and love to run around. They need more space than a small 2’x2′ area to run around in and that’s about all you can get from a pet store. Do you really want your new family member running around in a cage the size of a cats litter box?

Finding the right size Cage for a Skinny Pig

The first thing to consider is that you do not want to get a cage that uses a wire bottom. The metal can be very harsh on their feet  and can hurt your Skinny Pig. You also do not want to use an all glass enclosure. Skinny Pigs can overheat very quickly and need to have plenty of airflow to keep them cool.

By nature, Guinea pigs are not climbers. It is safe to have an open topped cage and not  have to worry about your Skinny Pig getting away. However, you should be careful if you have other pets in the house like dogs or cats as they could get into the cage and harm your Skinny Pig.

Guinea Pig Cage

Closed Wire Guinea Pig Cage

Now that we have an idea of the types of cages available and the ones that you shouldn’t use for your Piggy. Lets check out the Best Skinny Pig Cages

1.) Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat

Guinea Pig Cage

Midwest Guinea Habitat

This is it. This is the end all be all when it comes to guinea pig cages. In its stock configuration, it comes in a great size already. As is, you could house two guinea pigs in this cage as it is a sufficient size. It is adjustable and expandable by purchasing additional wire walls and panels you could increase its size. This would be nice for multiple guinea pigs of different sexes. They can be kept separate, but divider ramps can be opened and closed at will.

Guinea Pig Cage

Two Habitats Connected

This Cage is great because of how flexible it is, and makes traveling with a breeze. The wire walls are the perfect height so keep your curious guinea pig of trying to break free and the bottom is made of a canvas to contain any kind of mess. When its time to clean up the bedding, its very easy to wipedown the canvas and keep the habitat nice and sanitary.

2.) Living World Deluxe Guinea Pig Habitat

Guinea Pig Cage

Deluxe World Guinea Pig habitat

This is a great habitat for when other pets and small children are in the house. Sometimes its important to protect your guinea pig from the outside world as well. The lid on this cage is hinged so it is easy to reach in from the top, but stops the outside from getting in when its closed.

The hard plastic bottom makes cleaning a breeze unlike other cloth bottomed cages that require daily changing and washing. Bedding can be scooped up as it becomes used and easily tossed out. This habitat is a good size, but is only enough to house one guinea pig.

3.) Ware Manufacturing Pet Cage

Guinea Pig Cage

Ware Manufacturing Guinea Pig Cage

This is a great cage for  having one guinea pig. Its not as big as the other two but it does have the closed top which is great for houses with pets. You can be assured that your guinea pig will be safe in there from any other pets or small children that might be in the house. The wire mesh is removable so that you can reach the inside easily for cleaning.

Some people prefer to not have to deal with fleece, which is often used instead of bedding. This requires daily changing and can be a hassle. The cage here is perfect for using bedding  because of how easy it is to clean and wipe down. Its not great for travelling however.

4.) You & Me Living The Dream Habitat

This habitat is a great size for up to two guinea pigs. Its also unique that is on wheels and I really like that. It allows you to move the cage around the house as you would any other piece of furniture. Depending on the season, Penny likes to be near the window in the summer, and away from it in the winter. It can be drafty in her room so being able to relocate her easily is a huge plus!

5.) Ferplast Pig Cage

Guinea Pig Cage

Skinny Pig Cage

This is another great plastic bottom cage, with protective wire ceiling. It has a built in hideout for your guinea pig to escape to. Other habitats do not include this great feature and you would need to  put another hideout inside that habitat that takes up precious space. This cage also packs down very easily for traveling with.


Best Guinea Pig Cage Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my quick review of the 5 best guinea pig cages. I included links to amazon if you are interested in checking them out there and reading the reviews from other users. Just go ahead and click on the pictures when you are ready to decide which cage is right for you and your new family member. I definitely recommend the first habitat. Penny really enjoys it and it has ample space for her to run around and have a great time in!